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The City
              the Dead

  The morning sun begins its long journey across the sky as normal. It's warm rays soaked into the ground. Group of people wandered the fair aimlessly. They enjoy drinks and food.  If they only knew what was about to happen in a mere 10 minutes they would find there jovial attitudes  foolish.
 Two mounted knights take there places on  opposite sides of a jousting field ready to charge towards each other. A cool breeze blows through the small arena sending chills through your body. As the mage referee Carolinius drops his green flag the knights charge...but they never meet each other.
 Suddenly the ground tears apart it is sucked downwards and hundreds of people go down with it. A huge cloud of dust forms and you stand there a look of awe and fear is imprinted upon your face. The ground has ripped open in a specific shape. It is a hexagon, at each vertice (the points where the lines meet) a large black and red gem has erupted from the ground. They glow brightly and you can not come closer then 5 feet towards them.
   Five winged goblisn fly from the pit.In the distance a huged winged form comes towards the group. What is it? They wonder in fear.The group of adventurers frantically fight off the creatures one has labeled as, " Creatures of Chaos." The battle is won through much effort.
    The winged form is revealed as a silver dragon. It appears as if its being sucked into the pit. It screams out, " The City of the Dead has come!" Its form fades before you eyes as it is sucked into the pit.
   As you the intrepid  adventurer stand there other adventurers  leave while  some stay and debate what to do next. In the distance a black fog is slowly approaching. Your actions can save or damn Cyros...what will you do?
    Cornelius has disappeared...perhaps ran away. The Mage Lord Arius Doomstar has suddenly appeared at your side  near the hellish pit. He moves feebly and leans upon a staff carved of a red mineral and encrusted with glowing blue gems. As he speaks his eyes seem to glow, " Are ye ready for an adventure?"

       Into the unknown our brave adventurers traveled into the darkness. They descended slowly and in doing so studyed each piece of horror seperately. All along the unholy tunnel bony arms reached out towards the center..every person gasped in horrific awe as they saw before them the entity known as "The City of the Dead".
        You may wonder who he the man in the picture is...he introduced himself as Meph Dal'eketo, one of the nine Lords of the City. What happened in the city? Ask around and perhaps one of your fellow adventurers has a story or two to tell.
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