Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cyros Free?
Yes it is absolutely free.
I'm not on AOL can I still play?
    Unfortunately not as of now Cyros is only for AOL members. Most likely sometime in 2000 we'll be branching out to the internet. If your still interested but not on AOL e-mail Doomstar anyways, perhaps you can get the ball rolling for internet expansion.
Can I use a character from another game?
    Unfortunately all characters from other games may not be used. Everyone starts at first level, with a few exceptions to the rule.
Can I play a humanoid?
    You can use any humanoid in the Complete Humanoids Handbook. If you want to use another race, just e-mail the full information about the race to FirstLord and Doomstar, both
Well, What are those exceptions?
    Your character may start at 2nd level if he/she takes up the role as the following: Nobility, Military Position, or Active Artisan.
Honestly none of the dieties you use interest me, can I make a new one?
    The answer is yes you can! Here in Cyros we are open to changes and additions. Please send all requests to &
What about new kits or classes?
     The answer is the same as above. Send your requests to Doomstar & Firstlord, the District DM's of Cyros and within 3-5 days you'll get an answer.
Where are Cyros Games played at?
Cyros games are played both in online chatrooms and within our message boards.

Okay Well I want to join Cyros, How do I do it?

    All information pertaining to joining either as a DM or PC (or both) can be found at: Joining
Well this looks really cool, what if I want a more involved role as let's say a merchant?
    Well as of yet involvment is basically just with guilds. However anyone who takes up a different kind of role will be rewarded. If you think of some new way to get involved in the Cyros community just e-mail your friendly DDM's Doomstar & FirstLord, and we'll work something out.