Royal Festival of Barebranch

 As you walk through the wide streets of the Royal Capital Thynwir the Town Crier  proclaims,
    "By Royal Decree the Festival of Barebranch will be held 9 days from today. This years Festival will be held North of Thynwir on the fairgrounds just outside  Vineyard de Carabon. Carabon's Vineyard has graciously offered its most elegant tower to house those who travel from afar, the price for a room is a hefty 10 gold pieces and includes admision to the fair. "
    You listen intently and think to yourself. It certainly has been a long time since you've last sat back and relaxed. You return to your room at the inn and begin to pack your belongings. Taking in a deep breath of the cold Barebranch air  you begin to travel northwards along the main road towards the Vineyard. The forest this time of year is as the season suggests devoid of any leaves. You here the soft crumple of the newly fallen leaves underfoot. Soon you notice you are not the only on the road. Numerous people have come out to enjoy the festivities of one of the largest Royal Festivals held in the year.

    The road turns and before you know it your staring straight at a small Castle, Castle Carabon. Within the castle walls lie the Royal Vineyard. The tower on the outerwall is the one where you may seek fine food and a room if you desire. The fair ground is covered with huge tents. Royal Penenats flap brilliantly in the breeze. The First tent is set in front of the large stockade fence which has been set up around the perimeter of the fair. It is where you purchse your Royal Coin, a special item made yearly. It also serves as your pass to enter the fair. Upon donating the fee of 5 gold coins you take your royal coin and immediately make your way to the Furryfoot Tent, a tent run by the propieter of Furryfoot's Tavern in Cyra. A young boy wearing a brown apron approaches you and offers you a complimentry drink. As you take the mug of ale you see a few friends. Before you know it your enganged in conversation. Why not invite a friend to the Barebranch Festival?