Isle of Cyros

         As you approach the small wooden structure known as the Furryfoot Tavern you take a moment to ponder why you have come. The inn keeper mentioned something about adventure...but what makes this adventure so different from any others?
   You enter the inn. The door creaks loudly from years of use. The inn is full tonight. Patrons encirlce every table and there's barely any room for you to sit. Suddenly you notice something strange...of all these patrons each of them has that look..
    You know the look well it is one you often wear upon your face. It is the look of an adventurer. The look of the select few who choose to leave there monotonous life for greater and better things. Yet not all of them look like they have taken up this life to pursue noble causes. A man leaves and quickly you grab his seat. Suddenly all the lights are blown out. Your left in utter darkness. A single beam of moonlight shines through a window in the roof. It falls directly upon a small hafling who wears a small suit made of leather and holds a small pipe in his hand. He puffs gently on his pipe as he lights a small lantern which gives enough light to illuminate his rotund figure. " Greetings adventurers.  Ye who have travelled here must be wondering why you have been brought here...You will not go away without answers. I promise that. I have a proposition to offer..."

Greetings friends. Welcome to the Isle of Cyros, a place of intrigue, of danger, of deadly foes, and loyal friends. It is a place like no other. With history and legends as rich as a dragon's hoard. The Isle of Cyros is an adventuerers dream.

        This website is a compilation of all of our efforts. With these pages lies all you need to know about Cyros. Does this intrest you? If it does your probably wondering exactly what the Isle of Cyros is. The Isle of Cyros is an AD&D campaign setting. Yet it is more then just a fantisiful place, it is a community of gamers and DM's out to have a good time.

        The Isle of Cyros is an AOL online gaming community for the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons RPG 2nd edition module. It is a vision of AOL member Doomstar, which came to life nearly a year ago(that's me!). Now nearly 60 members strong, we are slowly advancing our scope to include things only gaming communities can have. The core concept is to have a lasting, stable community for AOL online gamers (both DM's and players). We also have developed special easter eggs such as colloseum combat competitions, and are currently developing intercommunity commerce, market days, and royalty posistions around the Island. The true potential is limitless. Some day the Isle of Cyros could develop into a whole world for Roleplayers all over.

           Navigate our website through the links below. If you have any questions not answered here on the site feel free to e-mail or