N.on P.layer C.haracters

        Princess Ariel sits upon the stone wall surrounding her cottage. In the distance you can see the many roof tops which make up the Tower of Sun. Ariel is a beautiful princess of nearly 170 years of age. Her fine features are more delicate then a flowers petals. Some call her the Butterfly Princess as her favorite creature is the butterfly. She is capable of creating some of the most dazzling pieces of art work ever seen. Her prowess with the needle is unriveled.  At the time of the Orc Wars she was all ready missing for several months.

        Prince Ferron is sitting in front of the Dragon Window. The Window is said to be carved from real dragon bones. Ferron is a fairly decent warrior and Wizard in his own right. He stands a square 5 feet tall and is very muscular. His fine elven features are not as fine as most elves and some accuse him of being a half-elf. Ferron is said to have died during the great Orc war. Yet others say he diedonly of a broken heart. Tis a sad story of the love of Ariel and Ferron. What would have happened had Ariel returned to him. Could the fate of elven kidn really rest upon his shoulders?

        The Orc King was immortalized in legend. It is said that he is half-troll and after each battle no matter how mortally wounded comes back to fight another day. His fearsome form is responsible for the death of hundreds of elves. It is said the only thing that killed him was age. Just imagine if he had been able to live longer then his natural life. Imagine the carnage...