The Setting

High Water: This High elven City is located on the North side of Cyrsith Everana. It's walls are actually part of the mountain. On both sides of it runs the tributaries of the River Yernes. The City is relatively small as cities go. It is only 10 miles from North to South and 20 miles East to West. The City was once ruled by King Gondleir. It fell in its age of glory in the year 415 A.L. Most prominently is the large tower in the middle of the city. The tower is in actuality is a huge tree. It is from there King Gondleir ruled.

Tower of Sun: The Tower of Sun is the home of many enchanters. Prince Ferron son of Gondleir studied his magickal arts here for many years. A powerful dweomer surrounds the tower in perpetual sunlight and the weather is always perfect. Great care is taken to tend the rose bushes surrounding the tower. It is said the rose bushes will actually attack those with evil intent in there hearts. Inside are many libraries and indoor gardens.

Calthyn's Field: This is the present day name for the area 60 miles north of Fort High Water. It is here that many of the elven/orc battles where fought and where many men died. It is mostly flat grassland today since so long ago the orcs burned as much forest as possible. Calthyn field is located East of the River Yernes.

River Yernes: This mighty river which is only 30 feet wide at its beginings beneath Cyrsith Everana and nearly 3 miles wide at its mouth in the North Sea surrounds High Water. Occasionally it will flood and the elves who are wise in its ways farm the land around its banks present day. In years past the elves hunted in the forests of Calthyn's Field instead of farming.