A Story Once Told

     You can't help but be quiet when the old elf speaks. He sits upon a small wicker chair with a high back to support his aged and worn body. A trading party of elves came from the North several days ago and set up a small town seemingly over night on the west bank of the river Thyn. You've been attracted to town to hear the stories of this old elf. Sages from all over the land have come to here the stories of Elernwold the wise, an elf some say who is over one-thousand years old.He sits quietly before you and clutches his walking stick with all of his strength.
    The children, elves and humans alike sit quietly in front of him. While you and the other older folk sit around tables with your favorite drink in front of you. As you take a sip he begins to speak.
    He raises his aged hands and thrusts them in front of himself, " Like lightning the river flowed. It came from the peaks of Cyrsith Everana and gushed down into the mighty River Yernes (Yern-ez). It had all ready rained for 5 nights and on this sixth day it continued to rain. Sitting in her small room of her cottage Ariel stared at the rain outside her window. Likewise Prince Ferron stared from the Tower of Sun past its magical wall into the outside world. It was there he could see the rain drops, for it was always sunny around the tower.
    He pauses as he begins waving his hands. Thin beams of light form one green and another yellow. They intertwine and bend into a heart. " So was the love for Feron and Wylith. Fate, destiny, all of it had blessed them. In three days they would be wed. Three days! In those three days it seemed as if the Gods had left these two. Ariel's cottage was destroyed. Its once intricately carved walls were burnt to the ground. It was assumed by the wisest diviners that she was killed for they could not find her body. During this time Prince Ferron became locked in the struggle with the orc king Malkar the Black Horned. The evil army attacked the high elf city of High Water without remorse. Admist his grief the Prince was called by duty to take his army garrisoned at his Tower to aid the dieing city. Was all hope lost?", he pauses and looks gloomily. "Friends, children. Hope was lost. The city fell. Present day its ruins can be seen surrounding Fort High Water."
    Pictures form in your mind as if by magick. Suddenly all becomes clear as the images of the cities towering buildings over shadowing the rivers which flow on both sides of its high white stone walls. The story passes with stories of valor on the battlefield. That day the orcs were repelled but slowly as time passed the cities defences weakened to the point where the city was over run.
       You stare in awe in horror. What kind of story is this for him to tell? Suddenly a small elf boy drops a piece of parchment in your lap which jolts you from your thoughts. You read it, it says:
Your service is requested brave ones. Please wait till everyone leaves tonight.