Who's Who in Cyros?

 The District DM's

     A District DM is a leader in Cyros. There expierienced roleplayers and DM's. District DM's hold around 4 games a month and are active in making Cyros grow. So far there are only 2 DDM's:

Doomstar- I am the founder of Cyros. I started Cyros towards the begining of October of 1998 and amid school work and sports raised membership from 1 to 30. I'm free to answer questions any time I'm on and will try to help you have fun in Cyros of the best of my ability. My games are usually earthshattering...where the fate of the Kingdom is at hand..of course those Cyros vets know of those interesting games I hold when I'm really tired.

FirstLord- He joined about a month after Cyros officially started, sometime in November of '98. He's a great roleplayer and great DM. His sci-fi slants adds a uniqueness to his games you can't get anywhere else. Firstlord is the guy in charge of Character sheets. He does a lot of work...so try not to bother him to much. (=

The Regional DM's
        These are involved players who hold games when tehy have some free time. To become a regional DM you must run roughly 1 game in a 6 week period. We have a lot of them so I'll leave it up to them if they want to add a small bio in: Archfiendz, Bardiache, Beligard, Snowbd9292, Hellnugget, OflaxO, Zenelia, Lambb77

RDM Oflaxo
   I joinedCyros in august .. Origanally as a Drow (which I dropped) Then I decided to become a DM of this World and bring my own Alice in Wonderlandish twists and the joys of sending PC's to worlds they can only imagine...I have spent very little time actually Keeping the PC's on the Isle of Cyros.. Currently I am one of the Heads of Comerce in Cyros and as Always i am planning for my next game.

The Characters
Alcan Banlin
Balgoth Deadeye
B'Hagder Yachua
Cecil Brightblade
Crom Daral
Dintrin Vandree
Korak Al'Maldorean
Teel Organa

This section is being developed. I ask all characters to submit to me a character bio.

Name: Kai'a'zel
SN: Kaiazel
Profession: Self-Proclaimed Gaurdian of Darkwood Forest and aspiring Mage.
Appearance: Kai'a'zel is an elven variant that no one on Cyros knows. His hair is mostly black with a tint of green to it. He has it grown long to his shoulders and he allows it to hang freely. Usually he wears a woven gray vest over a white cotton shirt. His leather breaches are kept in excellent condition as well as his boots. On either side of him hangs a sheathed shortsword. He has a light tanned skin with a greenish tint and dark brown eyes. His slender fingers are usually holding upon the pommels of his swords.His voice is deep and when he speaks it has a melodic quality to it.
Bio:   So you wish to know more about me, eh? Let me tell you something. There's more to me then can be written in a book. Present day I live north of Thynwir about 15 miles from a small village called Brimwell. I often visit to do trade with the Hafling Merchants from the North. If you are looking for a teacher in the ways of Magic, I am always looking for more apprentices. Though to become one it is not cheap and the labor is more difficult then you can imagine.

Full Name: Alcan Banlin
SN: Banholzer
Profession: Fighter/Mage
Appearance:  Alcan is a young half-elven with short brown hair and intelligent brown eyes.  He has a kind nature and is rarely seen without a smile.  His tanned skinned indicates that he enjoys the outdoors.  He wears simple clothing and is either seen in robes or a light tunic.  A spellbook in one hand, a longsword in the other, a cocky grin on his face and the words "Lets dance,"  are what his companions will see before engaging in battle.  By combining magic and steel, Alcan searches the world for knowledge, companions, and most of all, a good time.
Bio: Well, there isn't much to tell about me, nothing earth shattering that is.  Right now you'll find me under the apprenticeship of Kaiazel, learning as much as I can about magic and it's uses.  I often venture away form my studies to help out the people of our land or tackle an interesting quest.  Not all things can be taught.

Name: Balgoth Deadeye
SN: BalgothDE
Profession: Hero of the common people
Appearance: Balgoth stands around 5' 2" weighing 119lbs. His eyes glow a brilliant blue matching the sky. His hair is a golden blond that fits well with his blue eyes. He looks rather weak but under the soft exterior lies a hardened warrior. His hair is kept long and flowing much like that of other elves. Althought in times of fighting or sneaking around he ties it up beforehand using a leather band. His weapons are kept hidden under a black cloak and tucked firmly against his leather armor. His bow on the other hand is kept in wide view of the public, hung around his shoulder, within his quiver he keeps it, along with his arrows.
Bio: I am currently staying at the Misty Rose Inn where I use my trades to help out the common people. I have joined the ORS in an attempt to further my cause. I also wish to serve my king. Some people may see me as strange, but the ends justify the means. I shall do whatever is necessary to get the job done. I still try to retain a sense honor even though some call me a thief.

Name: Cecil Brightblade
SN: HlyKngt
Profession: Holy Knight of The Order of the Rising Sun.
Appearance: Cecil has Green Eyes and Brown hair. He wairs Plate Mail Armor that glows a faint white light, and a Brown cape with Golden lining at the botton. He also bears a madallion around his neck that he had made that depicts the mantle of Storms which he had once bore. He has two weapons a Long Sword with a hilt shaped like a lion at his side, and a Two-Handed Sword on his back, He also carries a medium sheild on his back to hide the fact he has two weapons thou doing a poor job of it.
Bio: Cecil comes from a long line of Paladins that all fought for right and justice, but many were turned into undead fiends by an unknown force. He often disappears for a while then shows up a few days later much happier. Where he goes no one really knows. He is always looking for the few people who are still of good heart to join his guild, The Order of the Rising Sun in order to protect Cyros from all the corruption that has destroyed Cyros so utterly. He even destroyed the Great Storm that had isolated Cyros for so long by risking his very soul. Truly few that reside in Cyros do not know the name Cecil Brightblade.


Profession: Ronin fighter, second in command of training at Valhalla

Appearance: Crom Daral at age 25 stands at an even 6' and weighs about 215 pounds, Crom is human and has only recently come to the Isle of Cyros. His hair is black and it is cut closely to the skin. He usually wears field plate armor that still bears the symbol of the House of Dokken. His leather breaches show the wear and tear of many adventures. On his back hangs a sheathed Longsword, he also wears a short sword on his left side and  2 daggers on his right side. He has a light tanned skin and dark brown eyes. His voice is deep and when he speaks it has a air of command to it.

Bio:   There's not much to Croms background, as soon as he arrived in Cyros he allied himself with the King of Dokken, and joined the Royal GuardCrom soon found himself the target of an assasination. After he was resurrected Crom still stayed allied with the King of Dokken and acted as a body guard to him, until the King one day mysteriously left. Presently Crom lives in the fortress at Valhalla with his friend and trainer Argyle. If you are looking for a teacher in the ways of Combat, come to valhalla and I and Dereth Hawkin will train you.  To become a Fighter of any true skill is truly hard work, so dont fool yourself into thinking its gonna be a couple of excercises and then you will be a fighter.. it will take a while but you can do it... .

Name: DinTrin Vandree
SN: Snowbd9292

Profession: Assassin, Poison Brewer, etc.

Appearance: DinTrin Vandree is a dark elf.  His skin is as black as his heart and his blades are as sharp as his hatred towards surface elves.  He is dressed in black cloaks, his scabbards hang at his waste, and his face is shadowed by his hood.
Bio:   DinTrin Vandree is the 1st born son of the noble drow house of Vandree.  He came from Menzoberranzan and returns to his home there frequently between adventures.  Some say he killed the 1st king of Cyros as well as many others.

Name: Korak Al'Maldorean
SN: Bardiache

Profession: True Priest of Cyst, and Worker of the Necromantic Arts

Appearance: Korak Al'Malderon stands at five feet 7 inches tall, with medium length wavy black hair, parted in the middle. A single streak of silver runs through it on the right side in the front. His eyes are a dark coal black, and he wears a loose grey robe, without any marks, it is tied around his waist by a black rope belt, attached are two small belt pouches. Slung over his shoulder is a plain brown canvas sack. Carried in one hand is a quarterstaff made of ebony. The top is forked, and a small sling is attached to it. Therby allowing Korak to wield it either as a quarterstaff or a staff sling.
Bio:   Korak is one of the few to have actually stared into the face of death himself, and live. Gifted with vast knowledge, and great intitution, Korak has been shaping up to be one of the most powerful people in the isle. Though he seems not to care. The Black Triangles of Aur were recently brought together under his hand, then set apart by himself as well. Korak seems to hold his own allegiances, doing what he wishes. He currently resides in the guildhalls of the Lords of the Dead, in a well protected sanctuary.

Name:  B'Hagder Yachua (Common:  "Silent")
SN:  FirstLord

Profession:  Mercenary Adventurer

Appearance:  Silent is a burly 6 foot 9 inches, with thick, corded bundles of muscle tissue under his mahogany skin.  He wears battered platemail armor that has been blackened, though the color has rubbed of in some places and dull silver shows through.  His hair is black, while his eyes are a bright, icy blue, a legacy of his human mother.  His face is very mobile and it is often easy to read his emotions from it.  Over his back, in seperate sheaths, are a great, curved two-handed scimitar and a thick, iron-tipped staff chased with words in the hobgoblin tongue.  He wears other weapons, including a massive recurve bow of yew inlaid with ivory and a score of heavy arrows.  True to his name, he rarely says anything unless he has something important to say.

Bio: The Past: Being a hobgoblin is not an easy life by an stretch of the word. Being a half-human bastard among pureblood hobgoblins is a study in slow mental and physical torture, and this was the beginnings of the life of B'hagder Yachua.

Born to a female human slave, he was such a quiet baby that his mother, whose name he never knew, called him "Silent." That name stuck to him even after her death, the people of his father adding to it and calling him B'hagder Yachua, or "Silent Half-man." He spent the years of his life in painful existance caught somewhere between slavery and kinship, as most of the hobgoblins considered him nothing but a human bastard to be used and tortured. Only one of his half-brothers actually treated him decently and as an equal, fostering his skill at arms and teaching him combat.

While he inherited the looks of his father, he gained the intelligence and physicality of his mother's people. Although only of average intelligence among humans, he is considered a genius among the hobgoblins.

The end of his time among his father's people began when this was discovered. His slowly growing strength and skill at arms, as well as his intellect, made him stand out even more than his mixed heritage. The chief of the tribe considered him a threat; Silent was cunning and strong and despite his mixed heritage might manage to replace the old chief.

So the chief came to a decision: All slaves or children of slaves must be sold. Knowing that the fate of slaves sold by the hobgoblins was usually death after a lingering period of intense work, he and his half-brother planned an escape. Together, they managed to "liberate" supplies and leave, heading high into the mountains. There Silent lived for many years, alone except for the visits of his brother. When he came up, his brother would regale him with tales about life on the outside, his feats of the sword or some dazzling wench. Silent yearned to leave, but knew that until he was older, more skilled, such would be folly no matter whether he returned to his mother's or his father's people.

Only recently did he have an excuse to leave, for his brother has not been back in many days, something that is unlike him. With his food dwindling, he has determined to seek out his brother's fate and, if necessary, punish those responsible.

The Present:  He finally found his brother's fate and his own faith along with it.  He learned of an ancient, long forgotten hero among his father's people, Ulgorth the Mighty.  Ulgorth led a large band of hobgoblins from their original homes in the Underdark, as slaves to the drow, to the upper lands, where they could be free.  That was many years ago and he has learned from Ulgorth's spirit that the people have strayed from his vision, becoming much like those who enslaved them in the far past.

 He is now on a quest to increase his fame as a warrior so that one day he can inspire his people to a new age of glory and honor following the War God Ermoo (Pyre).  He knows it will take a long time but is determined not to let that discourage him.

Name: Mortanious
SN: HellNugget

Profession:  Alchemist

Appearance: A very tall and lean man, his long black hair cascades down his back.  He is usually clad is black robes that are usually stained with blood and viscera.  He is often seen carrying around various body parts and is sometimes accompanied by the undead.

Bio: Not much is known about Mortanious.  He rarely talks about his past and tries to be very secretive.  He is known to be a necromancer of quite some skill and has had bounties put on his head numerous times by the Order of the Rising Sun.

Name: Teel Organa
SN: JJ Kidder

Profession: Crossbow for Hire, mostly a Sharpshooter.

Appearance: Small Hill Dwarf, not in the least attractive. She wears black breeches, with a bright red tunic. This tunic is worn underneith the Leather Armor. A buckler is stapped to her arm, and her Light Crossbow hangs from her waist.
 When she is not traveling, she wears a sash around her waist, with a Scarlet vest over her. The Symbol of the Hearth Guards is on her vest, meaning she was once a Hearth Guard for her Stronghold.
 She has flaming red hair, and green eyes.

Name: Vartikk The Witch Hunter
SN: Vartikk

Profession: He would tell you he kills vampires,witches, Golems, Daemons, and pretty much anything else that would make his stories more interesting...Others would tell you he is nothing but a jester

Apperance:The Little Gnome Skips around wearing looses fitting clothing of a vary light fabric, They are in Bright shades of Blue and Green on his head he wears a Jesters Hat also in bright shades of Blue and Green...he wears one Green shoe and one blue apon his feet... In his hands he carries a deck of cards and a dented up pan, He has shortlt trimmed red hair and a pointy goatee.. his eyes are a bright green and his cheeks are a bright red from all the smileing his does
Bio:   ::the little Gnome smiles::"So Ye wants to know about me life... Well I was born beneath the grounds we walk on..and I was a fool through my formal education... then I came to cyros and met mr.pat, since then me and Mr.Pan have been the best of friends...and we have killed many of critters...I gots a bunches of friends...Prolly me best friends are Ummm Shorty..I mean umm Zenilia, and Morty, and Ummm Triston, Oh Oh oh Bearhammer and Red Robes ..they are me buddies too..Lets see Just about everyone who i talk to is my friend... Even Sellsword..::he puts his pan up to his ear::"Oh I see"::he looks to you::"I must go Mr.Pan says we has to go gets some foods buh bye"::He runs up to you hand hugs your knees then runs away::

Name: Zyreph
SN: Zyreph

 Profession:  Necromancer Preist of Cyst

 Appearance: He Travels wearing A Dark Suit of Full Plate, He wears a ratty Black cloak with red lineing as a cloak, When you can see his face from under his helm he is a high elf with pale white skin and longe black hair, His eyes are deep if you peer into there blackness, at his side he carries a large Skyth

Bio:   He Is a follwer of cyst, He is on the constant search for somthing he will not disclose and he tell noone about his past.